Whispering Walls Installation - Show PODs

Chicago Arts District, Pilsen - Chicago, IL - September 2015

ShowPOD is a high exposure exhibition space, sponsored by the Chicago Arts District, it is compact, dynamic, unmanned and designed to support concepts of art experimentation and installation.

The enhanced installation speaks to a hybrid reality, born of an Iranian-US experience – anchored in the artist’s new home, Chicago. As such, the work is grounded in traditional Iranian customs, yet bears a distinct overlay of US/Chicago culture.  The exhibit came to life via seven storefronts along South Halsted and 18th Streets, in Pilsen. Every element of this exhibit speaks to the artist's unique reality as a woman born in Iran, who has chosen to call Chicago home. Her residency here has clearly impacted her current body of work, as evidenced by some of the elements in the installation: “tagging” the windows”; having viewers see their reflection overlaid with Persian detail; the interplay with Farsi and English words, and even the artists’ choice of where to exhibit – in Pilsen, the first point of entry for many immigrants throughout Chicago’s history. Her experience is yet another contribution to the cultural landscape of this – a contribution which is constantly nurtured and inspired by the very city itself.

This interactive installation will simulate the Iranian tradition of the faithful tying a a piece of cloth to the artchitecturally woven screen, in order to make their intentions known. The faithful make a wish and leave the cloth tied to the screen. Passersby the window will be encouraged to make their own wish and tie a piece of cloth to a woven screen on the front of the window.  In the end, the tied cloths will come together to form an image of the word “Love” in Farsi against a field of celestial blue. Just another way to say no matter what religion we have we all believe in same things. 



Mystic Evolution Installation - Part of Show PODs Installation - Chicago, IL



In one of the windows, two mirrors were partially painted in the ancient style of Qajar Art, leaving room for viewers to see their own reflection overlayed with Persian cultural influence - speaking to a sense of cultural hybridity, and a merged reality many in the City of Chicago experience every day. Viewers were invited to snap a picture, use #WhisperingWalls and post images on their social media.