A taste of my mystical Persian process... / by sarvin

The process of creating any kind of art has always amazed me. For me in creating the Rumi Series, the starting point usually remains the same ; "Calligraphy". Using ink on paper, I let myself go writing the mesmerizing words of Rumi. This is where I can combine few beautiful things of my Persian roots together; Persian Calligraphy which is dated back to 600-500 BC where beautiful and clear writings were always praised by Zoroastrians -. For us calligraphy has also always been a visible expression of the highest art of all, the art of the spiritual world, something that reminds us of Rumi instantly. Combining all these with some Islamic Architectural designs in different shapes, colors and layers I try to bring in more depth to the artwork. More images to follow within the next few weeks of the new pieces. Rumi - Sarvin Haghighi