Elvis Presley would have been 80 today... / by Sarvin Haghighi

My love and respect for Elvis has never been a secret to those who know me. His amazing voice is still mesmerizing for me or maybe its just nostalgic, I don't know but for whatever reason, as soon as I hear his magical voice, I close my eyes and let him take me back to the great childhood memories. As a recording artist, Elvis's accomplishments are exceptional. He is believed to have sold more than one billion records worldwide, about 40% or which are outside the U.S.  As stated in Rolling Stone, Though the figures are controversial due to the methods of computation by the Recording Industry Association of America, Presley still appears to hold the largest number of gold, platinum and multiplatinum certifications of any artist in the history; as of while certainly other artists proceeded him to the alter of rock & roll, he is indisputably its king. '2010, 151 different albums and singles. He was also the first rock and roll star to cross over into films with consistently commercial, if not critical, success.

Today is his 80th birthday. It's interesting to see how after all these years, He for sure left us too soon but his songs and memories will always stay alive in our hearts and minds.