Third Fridays at Zhou B Art Center by Sarvin Haghighi



The Zhou B Art Center was founded in 2004 by the internationally acclaimed Zhou Brothers. Located in Bridgeport, the Zhou B Art Center's mission is to promote and facilitate a cultural dialogue by organizing contemporary art exhibitions and programs of international scope. As a Center created by artists, for artists, the vision of the Center is to facilitate the exchange of contemporary art between Chicago and the international art community and promote the convergence of Eastern and Western art forms in the United States.

Ever since my move to Chicago, my vision has been to become one of the established artists in the city and being part of  Zhou B community has provided this very opportunity. The resident artists within different floors of the building have been welcoming and inspiring in many ways. This is a true meaning of having an art community where you have the support and guidelines to get closer to your vision.

Every 3rd Friday of the month, The Zhou B Art Center opens exhibitions with an evening reception from 7pm-10pm located at 1029 W 35th Avenue, Chicago IL. These events are free of charge and provide the community of Bridgeport and the Chicago area a unique opportunity to explore a blend of international and local art. The artists-in-residence at the Art Center open their studios to visitors, making this a unique opportunity for the community to meet working artists and discuss their work in person. The variety of the work produced by the artists-in-residence and the four in-house gallery spaces makes the Zhou B Art Center 3rd Friday Exhibitions one of the most diverse art experiences in the city.

As we are getting closer to warmer weather in this amazing city, mark your calendars and come visit us for the upcoming third Fridays. Photos are taken by the one and only Sergio Gomez from this past third Friday event at my studio space located at Zhou B Art Center. The word you see on the walls is "Love" in Farsi. I was born in the year of revolution in Tehran/Iran. Growing up I remember seeing lots of graffiti as political protest decorating the walls of Tehran. I'm a true believer of power in writing positivity and affirmations. By scribing "LOVE" over and over in this space, I hope for it to circulate more positive energy. I'm using the power of this world to showcase one of the most influential elements in our lives


Gallery Sarvin 2Sarvin Gallery 3

In search of The Perfect Studio space, could this be it?! by Sarvin Haghighi

Well, I have been looking around for a long long time. Been moving studio spaces few times and still looking for that one inspiring space..I think I finally have found it! Fingers crossed! From Ravenswood to Bridgeport I have been looking around at any artist studio space possible, been added to all the waiting lists for the high in demand locations in Chicago and been in contact with the best realtors. It has been a long process searching for that perfect location for my art creation. Some spaces were located in great neighborhoods but were really overpriced, some where in not the best areas and not with that much traffic for art enthusiasts, some where too small, some were in bad condition, ... you name it I have seen it all!

Few weeks back, I found a space at Bridgeport Art Centre in Chicago. The building is great and they are also adding a Ceramic section to the building. Full of amazing artists with access to the Gallery and small museum in the building. There is a down side to this though;  the space is in a basement level and there are NO natural lights what so ever...I know they say some artists become more creative in dark spaces but I don't think I could be in that category just yet...

I have now hopefully found the perfect location. It will be revealed soon along with invitations to a very exclusive list of invitees to attend for the opening. This space has its own curator and gallery built in and the team working behind it are one of the most amazing artists I have seen in Chicago so far so it is really exciting and really hoping I can get into this space as soon as possible.  Hopefully I can settle down in this space for a while and I have a feeling that might be the case. Stay tuned. There are some many amazing news coming up. Working on two major projects at the moment. Also some great great news coming up for me. As it seems 2015 is getting better and better already.

Will reveal the news once 100% confirmed...It is going to be an amazing chapter for Sarvin Haghighi and her art. Wait for it Chicago, you are going to hear my name more and more and more ...