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And the walls continue to whisper... by Sarvin Haghighi

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE - WHISPERING WALLS ShowPODs are a series of 7 exhibition spaces in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Conceptualized by John Podmajersky III and created by the Chicago Arts District, ShowPODs create an instant art experience in a non-traditional space and can viewed by anyone at anytime during the life of its installation.

Each year six artists are selected to showcase their art and I am honored to have been selected for the fall exhibit. My aim remains the same; to share part of Persian - Iranian - culture which the vast majority may not be familiar with, therefore The Whispering Walls continues to close the gap between cultures and also to break down the traditional barrier between the Artist and Art enthusiasts. The exhibit will come to life via seven storefronts along Halsted Street in Pilsen. It will be comprised of mixed media, including: paintings, installations, sculpture and will be very experiential.

The sketches were fully a completed few weeks back and we are now in the preparation phase. I am blessed to have an amazing artist helping me out.  She has been my role model and the one person who really got me interested in art; my lovely mom, Nasrin Moghadam. Together we are now creating the first elements of the exhibit and there is a long way to go. The first stages of this project is coming together in Michigan. I couldn't really ask for more, having my mom here, listening to amazing music, the sound of wind blowing through the greenest leaves you could imagine...this is a little pieces of heaven for sure.

More detailed information and instruction coming soon on what to expect and also on how to get involved as a viewer. For now, just look out for more on #WhisperingWalls...


In search of The Perfect Studio space, could this be it?! by Sarvin Haghighi

Well, I have been looking around for a long long time. Been moving studio spaces few times and still looking for that one inspiring space..I think I finally have found it! Fingers crossed! From Ravenswood to Bridgeport I have been looking around at any artist studio space possible, been added to all the waiting lists for the high in demand locations in Chicago and been in contact with the best realtors. It has been a long process searching for that perfect location for my art creation. Some spaces were located in great neighborhoods but were really overpriced, some where in not the best areas and not with that much traffic for art enthusiasts, some where too small, some were in bad condition, ... you name it I have seen it all!

Few weeks back, I found a space at Bridgeport Art Centre in Chicago. The building is great and they are also adding a Ceramic section to the building. Full of amazing artists with access to the Gallery and small museum in the building. There is a down side to this though;  the space is in a basement level and there are NO natural lights what so ever...I know they say some artists become more creative in dark spaces but I don't think I could be in that category just yet...

I have now hopefully found the perfect location. It will be revealed soon along with invitations to a very exclusive list of invitees to attend for the opening. This space has its own curator and gallery built in and the team working behind it are one of the most amazing artists I have seen in Chicago so far so it is really exciting and really hoping I can get into this space as soon as possible.  Hopefully I can settle down in this space for a while and I have a feeling that might be the case. Stay tuned. There are some many amazing news coming up. Working on two major projects at the moment. Also some great great news coming up for me. As it seems 2015 is getting better and better already.

Will reveal the news once 100% confirmed...It is going to be an amazing chapter for Sarvin Haghighi and her art. Wait for it Chicago, you are going to hear my name more and more and more ...


Images and more updates on Christie's Auction - Dubai 2015 - MOP Nowruz Gala by Sarvin Haghighi

The whole process from the time my painting was accepted to be part of 2015 MOP Foundation Gala till the time it was auctioned by Christie's was just like a dream. Very mixed feelings, I was so proud to see my name within such amazing artists. The event was mesmerizing as mentioned. Location was perfect, full of art, flowers and lovely people. The start of the evening we had a video message from HH Shahbanoo Farah Pahlavi - The former Queen of Iran - to us all and it was amazing. The setting, the speech, the whole thing was just spectacular. Then we had HE Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Narayan - Ministry of Culture, Youth & Social Development - reading a keynote speech to us all. And of course then came the Auction which I have mentioned in details in my previous posts...

Here you can have all the links to all the images, speeches and all for the Magic of Persia Foundation events in Dubai on Nowruz 2015. It was an honor to be part of this magical event and hoping to be part of it again in coming years.


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