Change is challenging… by Sarvin Haghighi

I knew I needed to make a change in my art practice for a while now. Change is always hard and sometimes you need that extra push to think outside the box, to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Well, that time for me has finally come. We are expecting our first child and I need to stay away from anything that is toxic. This is really hard in current art world as most mediums are somewhat toxic.

In addition, since my parents are banned to travel to the US due to the Muslim Ban, we had to make the hard choice of delivering our baby in Australia. Lots of changes at once but we are grateful to have the option at least. It could always be worse :)

I decided to go back to basics. Drawing, simple sketching, etc to bring back some ideas . I needed this change so much. It’s exciting, scary and challenging but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Also since I knew I will be in Melbourne for few months, I decided to look for some classes, something fun to do with my mom (she is an amazing artist herself) and also learn something new. We signed up for a Japanese Ink Painting class. It was really fun to learn a new different technique. We both really enjoyed it and I am sure we can both bring this technique in some ways into our practices.

I also am now sketching for some ideas to do some sculptures. I really enjoyed sculpting when I was in Iran and I think it is something I can again start and see where it goes.

I have to see where this road takes me but hoping to be back to my studio soon with my little guy and create some new works. I will share some images once they get somewhere but for now here I am sharing some images of the class I took here in Melbourne. Not bad for the first time but of course needs more practice… Watch this space!


Art Basel Miami 2017 by Sarvin Haghighi

Jacob Hashimoto  The Near Emptiness of Space, Perfect Timing and the Clutch of Gravity - 2017  Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Paper and Dacron   Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Art Basel 2017 

Jacob Hashimoto

The Near Emptiness of Space, Perfect Timing and the Clutch of Gravity - 2017

Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Paper and Dacron 

Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Art Basel 2017 

Art Basel week in Miami is probably the best time to be in Miami...At least for me. I always enjoy the energy all around town. The whole city transforms into this colorful, energetic vibrant place filled with amazing art pieces to see. It's truly inspiring. I was honored this year to visit this amazing art on behalf of Art NXT Level. I'm extremely grateful to Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Creative Entrepreneur and friend, Sergio Gomez for giving me this amazing opportunity. You can see all the images and my picks HERE on Art NXT Level Journal.

I strongly believe if you are in the Art field, you need to make a trip to Miami during Art Basel week, even if it is for the weekend it is surely worth it. For me, it has so many advantages and I have been trying to be there every year since I moved to the US. As an artist, you will be able to see many amazing works from artists around the world, get inspired by some, see what is hot in the current art market and also make some great connections.

This year’s Art Miami fair was amazing. I really enjoyed Art Basel itself located at the Miami Convention Center. Compared to the previous years, the layout had improved, the lighting was done right and overall made it easier for viewers to navigate around.

Untitled Art Fair was also one of my favorites this year. The venue is located by the beach and since it’s a relatively smaller fair, it is easy to navigate through and see everything but also the quality of art itself there has always been great. It was an honor to represent Art Nxt Level and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity.

I also visited Aqua Art Miami which is located in the Aqua Hotel. Art Miami had also some amazing pieces on view.

The only fair I did not have time sadly this time was NADA “New Art Dealers Alliance” and I heard really great things – but every year that is the one to see and sadly due to traffic I was not able to make enough time to see it this year.

Leaving Miami post Art Basel, I feel inspired, energetic and ready to work some new ideas and inspirations. I need to start planning for my next year’s visit soon and I urge everyone to do the same…

Feel free to read some of the highlights from my trip specially selected for Art NXT Level Journal HERE. 

AmeriKKA - Reflection of a divided Nation - A collaborative Exhibit by Sarvin Haghighi

Final touches before the opening...

Final touches before the opening...


I have always admired the beautiful works by my talented friend Cesar Conde. So when I was approached by him to do a collaborative Exhibition based on the current social issues we are facing in the US, I was all honored, excited and motivated to help raise awareness through art. 

The whole idea started with a solo show by Cesar Conde with myself as a special guest artist exploring the narrative and the current state of our country where as many other immigrants we now call home. The decline of America's state, sliding from greatness to hate. We try to explore the contradiction between the American dream and the reality in current political and social climate.  We agreed our message would be more impactful if we make this a Traveling Exhibition and throughout the way try to add more powerful and inspiring voices to the mix. 

With that in mind, we started talking in details with Sancturay Church and Cafe in south side Chicago. Everything was going as plan and we were getting ready to celebrate our opening night with all our friends and supporters. But then something unexpected happen and we were told due to some mix understanding with the message of our exhibit, we are not able to host this event at the Sancturay Church and Cafe. We were clearly devastated but you know how they always say when a door opens another one closes, our amazing friend let us host this event at the very last minute as a pop up exhibit at the beautiful Fulton Market Gallery. We started promoting the change of location and the support we got from everyone was just amazing. The fact that the exhibit got cancelled last minute made more noise and Chicagoans as always showed their support. Everything went even better than we hoped for. 

We had the second pop up exhibit at Perdue University which also turned out to be another successful exhibit. We are currently looking for more voices to join us, for more amazing locations willing to join this movement and show all that "We are One", that "This is our home" , That "everyone is welcome here" and that "This country is great because of all the immigrants".


Exhibition at Perdue University 

Exhibition at Perdue University 

A beautiful Collaboration with an amazing artist ...

A beautiful Collaboration with an amazing artist ...