Art Basel

Art Basel Miami 2017 by Sarvin Haghighi

Jacob Hashimoto  The Near Emptiness of Space, Perfect Timing and the Clutch of Gravity - 2017  Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Paper and Dacron   Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Art Basel 2017 

Jacob Hashimoto

The Near Emptiness of Space, Perfect Timing and the Clutch of Gravity - 2017

Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Paper and Dacron 

Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Art Basel 2017 

Art Basel week in Miami is probably the best time to be in Miami...At least for me. I always enjoy the energy all around town. The whole city transforms into this colorful, energetic vibrant place filled with amazing art pieces to see. It's truly inspiring. I was honored this year to visit this amazing art on behalf of Art NXT Level. I'm extremely grateful to Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Creative Entrepreneur and friend, Sergio Gomez for giving me this amazing opportunity. You can see all the images and my picks HERE on Art NXT Level Journal.

I strongly believe if you are in the Art field, you need to make a trip to Miami during Art Basel week, even if it is for the weekend it is surely worth it. For me, it has so many advantages and I have been trying to be there every year since I moved to the US. As an artist, you will be able to see many amazing works from artists around the world, get inspired by some, see what is hot in the current art market and also make some great connections.

This year’s Art Miami fair was amazing. I really enjoyed Art Basel itself located at the Miami Convention Center. Compared to the previous years, the layout had improved, the lighting was done right and overall made it easier for viewers to navigate around.

Untitled Art Fair was also one of my favorites this year. The venue is located by the beach and since it’s a relatively smaller fair, it is easy to navigate through and see everything but also the quality of art itself there has always been great. It was an honor to represent Art Nxt Level and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity.

I also visited Aqua Art Miami which is located in the Aqua Hotel. Art Miami had also some amazing pieces on view.

The only fair I did not have time sadly this time was NADA “New Art Dealers Alliance” and I heard really great things – but every year that is the one to see and sadly due to traffic I was not able to make enough time to see it this year.

Leaving Miami post Art Basel, I feel inspired, energetic and ready to work some new ideas and inspirations. I need to start planning for my next year’s visit soon and I urge everyone to do the same…

Feel free to read some of the highlights from my trip specially selected for Art NXT Level Journal HERE. 

Tempo Memoria Group Exhibition in Italy by Sarvin Haghighi

Group shot 

Group shot 


I was thrilled when Sergio Gomez asked me to be part of this amazing group exhibition. I have shown my work internationally before in London Biennale but this was a different experience. We were going to exhibit in a Museum in Turin-Itlay. I was debating if I should go on the trip or not...after all traveling to Italy is not really cheap. But then again I thought how many times I would get this chance to go and meet up with other artist friends of mine, maybe meet up with old friends who might be traveling in Europe in summer and of course experience the exhibition in person. So here I went to the amazing city of Turin. As soon as I got to see downtown and where the museum was located, I was blown away. This charming city has a lot of character, lot of energy, I was simply blown away.

The next day we all were there for the opening. What a night this was. It was truly an amazing experience. The next few days went by so fast with visiting the landmarks and museums and even a one day trip to Milan. As an artist, I truly believe traveling is always necessary as it will open new doors, gives you inspirations and ideas and also connects you to so many amazing people...

Below photos were taken by the amazing Sergio Gomez who curated this exhibit, who showed us how to dare to dream again...

The Museum MIIT
The Museum MIIT

Each artist had two pieces in this exhibit. As for me below pieces were shown. It actually made it to the local newspaper in Turin as well!

Met a friend from Dubai after 4 years
Met a friend from Dubai after 4 years
Photo by ACS Magazine
Photo by ACS Magazine

During the opening night, each artist talked a bit about their work and how it is linked to the theme of the exhibit "Time & Memory" - We all had a blast.

Opening Reception 

Opening Reception 

The whole experience was just amazing, being able to showcase my art outside Iran and U.S and in Europe was so heart warming. The exhibit runs till August 20th 2016 so in case you find yourself in the beautiful charming city of Turin, make sure to pay a visit to this lovely museum and see our works.

What's coming next to Saugatuck Center for the Arts by Sarvin Haghighi


The opening reception for "Shortcut to the Silk Road" at the beautiful Saugatuck Center for the Arts turned out to an amazing event last night. Walking in to the building, viewers were served with a very special "Mar-Tea-Ni" - Tea infused Martini - cocktails in the spirit of the exhibit's title. Viewers then walk in to the main gallery passing by walls covered with the word "LOVE" in Farsi all over. There is a map of Silk Road painted on the wall of the exhibit with art pieces on them. Tea and Saffron were some of the most famous trade goods traveled through Silk Road from ancient Persia hence they were used as one of the mediums in these pieces.

Right after is the "Love" corner. With it's walls and floors covered with the word "LOVE" in Farsi, I try to showcase the power of positivity around us. Growing up in Tehran, I have always seen negative graffiti words on the walls of Tehran...I believe in the power of affirmations; why not try to turn something negative into a positive thing?

We had another event the week after the opening called "You have brought Bliss" which mainly focused on the rich hospitality traditions of Iran and Persia. In the class I shared information about ancient customs of welcoming the stranger which is completely new to those who just have their vision of Iran based on what they see on Media. We all enjoyed a dish I prepared as well and shared the recipe with all. This sold out event was extremely important for me as I wanted to give all the opportunity to ask any questions they have freely.

Our upcoming event is called "Creativity Revealed" which will be held on February 15th at 7pm at Saugatuck Center for the Arts and is Sponsored by the Saugatuck-Douglas Art Club. I'm honored to be  be interviewed by Salvatore Sapienza and then I will take all into the process of creating my pieces and shortly after that a hands-on demonstration opportunity. There are still few spots available for this Free event. To secure your spot, visit HERE.