The sound of silence - Solo Exhibition - May 2018 by Sarvin Haghighi

Installation for The Sound Of Silence Exhibition - Currently on view at 33 Contemporary Gallery Chicgao

Installation for The Sound Of Silence Exhibition - Currently on view at 33 Contemporary Gallery Chicgao


We live in a busy and loud world where we are online all the time and seems to not be able to have quite time or communicate in the right way. I wanted to create an exhibition and invite the viewers to slow their day down, enjoy the pieces in silence and connect with them directly, try to figure out the story they wish to tell. My aim has always been to create pieces which are not only visually interesting (hopefully!) but also starts a dialogue. That is when we can start to find that common ground, no matter where we come from, what religion we follow or what color of skin we have. 

I was honored when Sergio Gomez asked me to exhibit at his beautiful space, 33 Contemporary Gallery located at Zhou B Art Center. My vision was to create a show where pieces speaks to viewers and also make them affordable. The show comes to life with 53 pieces, all 6x6 inches. 5 and 3 have always been my numbers throughout life and one day looking them up out of curiosity,  realized 5 symbolizes Freedom and 3 symbolizes Creativity and everything started to fall into place even more. 

Each piece has a different look and all are different from one another but they all have one thing in common, the love and energy they carry, the shapes which might seem familiar from the Persian and Islamic architectural shapes, the vibrant colors of Persian rugs, the beautiful Farsi calligraphy and Rumi poetry which is only a small part of the rich and beautiful culture of my motherland. 

I invite you to enjoy the silence of the space, if you listen, you will hear the pieces talking to you, they are telling you their story. While going through the creation process, I was reminded by below quote by Rumi:- 

"Listen to silence, it has so much to say"



Art Basel Miami 2017 by Sarvin Haghighi

Jacob Hashimoto  The Near Emptiness of Space, Perfect Timing and the Clutch of Gravity - 2017  Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Paper and Dacron   Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Art Basel 2017 

Jacob Hashimoto

The Near Emptiness of Space, Perfect Timing and the Clutch of Gravity - 2017

Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Paper and Dacron 

Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Art Basel 2017 

Art Basel week in Miami is probably the best time to be in Miami...At least for me. I always enjoy the energy all around town. The whole city transforms into this colorful, energetic vibrant place filled with amazing art pieces to see. It's truly inspiring. I was honored this year to visit this amazing art on behalf of Art NXT Level. I'm extremely grateful to Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Creative Entrepreneur and friend, Sergio Gomez for giving me this amazing opportunity. You can see all the images and my picks HERE on Art NXT Level Journal.

I strongly believe if you are in the Art field, you need to make a trip to Miami during Art Basel week, even if it is for the weekend it is surely worth it. For me, it has so many advantages and I have been trying to be there every year since I moved to the US. As an artist, you will be able to see many amazing works from artists around the world, get inspired by some, see what is hot in the current art market and also make some great connections.

This year’s Art Miami fair was amazing. I really enjoyed Art Basel itself located at the Miami Convention Center. Compared to the previous years, the layout had improved, the lighting was done right and overall made it easier for viewers to navigate around.

Untitled Art Fair was also one of my favorites this year. The venue is located by the beach and since it’s a relatively smaller fair, it is easy to navigate through and see everything but also the quality of art itself there has always been great. It was an honor to represent Art Nxt Level and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity.

I also visited Aqua Art Miami which is located in the Aqua Hotel. Art Miami had also some amazing pieces on view.

The only fair I did not have time sadly this time was NADA “New Art Dealers Alliance” and I heard really great things – but every year that is the one to see and sadly due to traffic I was not able to make enough time to see it this year.

Leaving Miami post Art Basel, I feel inspired, energetic and ready to work some new ideas and inspirations. I need to start planning for my next year’s visit soon and I urge everyone to do the same…

Feel free to read some of the highlights from my trip specially selected for Art NXT Level Journal HERE. 

Whispering Walls revealed... by Sarvin Haghighi


This past Sunday - June 14th 2015 - we celebrated the new location of Evanston Art Center with some amazing art. The first show in the new location called "Hybrid's Paradise" curated by Sergio Gomez will be open to public for visit till August 9th 2015. I was honored to be selected as one of the artists for this amazing event so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about Whispering Walls.

Sarvin Haghighi

Whispering Walls 2015

Installation of mixed media including glass blocks, ink, paper, and oil paint.


Artist Statement

Building off the notion of walls, and how they serve to protect and safeguard, I conceived this installation as a way to represent the fused reality of my hybrid existence. The piece is meant to link together the equally rich, but often diametrically opposed cultures of the Eastern and Western worlds.

I choose glass blocks for the exterior of this piece, as they are commonplace here in Chicago – my new home since moving here from Dubai in 2012. They speak to the architectural significance and wonder of this great city. And they present a nice, polished façade – much like many of us try to do in daily life. Yet their transparency allows the viewer to get a suggestive glimpse at what lies beneath.

While the overall color palette speaks to American patriotism, and my new home - what’s imbedded between the exterior panels is what speaks to my core. As a child, my parents would read to me the poetry of Rumi, which to this day remains a large part of my soul. I like to think his words whisper through these foreign walls to the viewer – conveying a universal and timeless message.

Special thanks to:-

  • Sergio Gomez for having this piece on the exhibit and for the video
  • David Mugra for writing this amazing artist statement on this piece
  • Mohsen Kamza for adding music to the video
  • Song title - Elements by Lindsey Stirling