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Tempo Memoria Group Exhibition in Italy by Sarvin Haghighi

Group shot 

Group shot 


I was thrilled when Sergio Gomez asked me to be part of this amazing group exhibition. I have shown my work internationally before in London Biennale but this was a different experience. We were going to exhibit in a Museum in Turin-Itlay. I was debating if I should go on the trip or not...after all traveling to Italy is not really cheap. But then again I thought how many times I would get this chance to go and meet up with other artist friends of mine, maybe meet up with old friends who might be traveling in Europe in summer and of course experience the exhibition in person. So here I went to the amazing city of Turin. As soon as I got to see downtown and where the museum was located, I was blown away. This charming city has a lot of character, lot of energy, I was simply blown away.

The next day we all were there for the opening. What a night this was. It was truly an amazing experience. The next few days went by so fast with visiting the landmarks and museums and even a one day trip to Milan. As an artist, I truly believe traveling is always necessary as it will open new doors, gives you inspirations and ideas and also connects you to so many amazing people...

Below photos were taken by the amazing Sergio Gomez who curated this exhibit, who showed us how to dare to dream again...

The Museum MIIT
The Museum MIIT

Each artist had two pieces in this exhibit. As for me below pieces were shown. It actually made it to the local newspaper in Turin as well!

Met a friend from Dubai after 4 years
Met a friend from Dubai after 4 years
Photo by ACS Magazine
Photo by ACS Magazine

During the opening night, each artist talked a bit about their work and how it is linked to the theme of the exhibit "Time & Memory" - We all had a blast.

Opening Reception 

Opening Reception 

The whole experience was just amazing, being able to showcase my art outside Iran and U.S and in Europe was so heart warming. The exhibit runs till August 20th 2016 so in case you find yourself in the beautiful charming city of Turin, make sure to pay a visit to this lovely museum and see our works.

Whispering Walls revealed... by Sarvin Haghighi


This past Sunday - June 14th 2015 - we celebrated the new location of Evanston Art Center with some amazing art. The first show in the new location called "Hybrid's Paradise" curated by Sergio Gomez will be open to public for visit till August 9th 2015. I was honored to be selected as one of the artists for this amazing event so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about Whispering Walls.

Sarvin Haghighi

Whispering Walls 2015

Installation of mixed media including glass blocks, ink, paper, and oil paint.


Artist Statement

Building off the notion of walls, and how they serve to protect and safeguard, I conceived this installation as a way to represent the fused reality of my hybrid existence. The piece is meant to link together the equally rich, but often diametrically opposed cultures of the Eastern and Western worlds.

I choose glass blocks for the exterior of this piece, as they are commonplace here in Chicago – my new home since moving here from Dubai in 2012. They speak to the architectural significance and wonder of this great city. And they present a nice, polished façade – much like many of us try to do in daily life. Yet their transparency allows the viewer to get a suggestive glimpse at what lies beneath.

While the overall color palette speaks to American patriotism, and my new home - what’s imbedded between the exterior panels is what speaks to my core. As a child, my parents would read to me the poetry of Rumi, which to this day remains a large part of my soul. I like to think his words whisper through these foreign walls to the viewer – conveying a universal and timeless message.

Special thanks to:-

  • Sergio Gomez for having this piece on the exhibit and for the video
  • David Mugra for writing this amazing artist statement on this piece
  • Mohsen Kamza for adding music to the video
  • Song title - Elements by Lindsey Stirling


Countdown to view Hybrid's Paradise curated show by Sarvin Haghighi


We are now few days away from the grand opening of Evanston Art Center (EAC)'s new beautiful location. Hybrid's Paradise is a group exhibition curated by Sergio Gomez. This installation was challenging for me but again as I always say, I believe as an artist, we should be challenged every now and then and get out of our comfort zones.

After many trips to HomeDepot and lots of other places, the creation of the installation was going as per planned. Although there were some days when things went wrong but again the end result turned out to be what I wanted.

The piece weighs 300 pounds so another big challenge was to get it in the truck and take it to the Evanston Art Center. My lovely husband helped me massively and with his help - and some others of course - we were able to get it done.

It was like a huge weight was off of my shoulders. The whole process was stressful and I didn't know if it will be what I envisioned it to be, but now looking at it, sitting on a great location behind one of the biggest windows of EAC, I felt so satisfied.

The opening is on June 14th from 1-4 pm and we are expecting a lot of people to show up. It's going to be a great show - Stay tuned for some photos and news during and after the opening. Whispering walls are waiting for you to come say hi!

More information on the EAC opening HERE


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