Shahram Shabpareh

Images and more updates on Christie's Auction - Dubai 2015 - MOP Nowruz Gala by Sarvin Haghighi

The whole process from the time my painting was accepted to be part of 2015 MOP Foundation Gala till the time it was auctioned by Christie's was just like a dream. Very mixed feelings, I was so proud to see my name within such amazing artists. The event was mesmerizing as mentioned. Location was perfect, full of art, flowers and lovely people. The start of the evening we had a video message from HH Shahbanoo Farah Pahlavi - The former Queen of Iran - to us all and it was amazing. The setting, the speech, the whole thing was just spectacular. Then we had HE Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Narayan - Ministry of Culture, Youth & Social Development - reading a keynote speech to us all. And of course then came the Auction which I have mentioned in details in my previous posts...

Here you can have all the links to all the images, speeches and all for the Magic of Persia Foundation events in Dubai on Nowruz 2015. It was an honor to be part of this magical event and hoping to be part of it again in coming years.


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Updates on the Nowruz Gala in Dubai - March 2015 by Sarvin Haghighi


Persian New Years has always been exciting but as we get closer, I feel a bit more excited even du to the Magic of Persia Gala event; having a piece in any auction could be exciting yet stressful. Lot of "What Ifs" go through my head and at the same time I couldn't be more proud to be part of this amazing night. This could be the only time I will be happy to be a bit jet lagged maybe that would calm me down a bit! Flying from Melbourne to Dubai could not be so bad after all...just like my mom always tells me "Better to see the glass as half full'. Now that the Gala night is just a few nights away, I couldn't be happier to have my husband with me on that night, my number one fan and my supporter will be by my side as always and we will celebrate the Persian new year with selling one of my pieces in an auction which is going to be run by Christie's...could I ask for a better way to celebrate New Years? Don't think so...

The schedule sent to the artists by Magic Of Persia Foundation looks really interesting as well. We will have VIP passes to Art Dubai, an amazing art event which attracts art lovers from all over the world to the magical city of Dubai. On the night of the Auction - March 21st - we will be having some events as well prior to the auction and we will end the night with live performance by Shahram Shabpareh who is a well known musician since 60's.

Stay tuned for some images, photos and updates from Dubai!

MOP Foundation

Countdown to the night of some Persian Magic by Sarvin Haghighi


As we are approaching the Persian New Years or as we call it - Nowruz - there is another ceremony for me personally to be excited about. One of my pieces will be among other artist's creations to be auctioned by Christie's in Dubai. Established in 2004, Magic of Persia - MOP - foundation promotes Iranian art and culture to a wider audience outside of Iran and strives to make a notable contribution to its long-term advancement worldwide. The selected piece was chosen by the amazing Shirley Elghanian. She is the Founder of this amazing foundation and it was an honor that my piece was chosen by her and her lovely team. For the past few years, this event has been one of the most prestigious art events to attend and to be part of this magical night truly is a privilege and I can't wait to share the updates and photos.

The Gala will be held in the Emirates Towers in Dubai on March 21st 2015. This is the best way to start the new Persian year.  See some great art during Art Dubai, catch up with friends and family in Dubai and of course be part of MOP event and featured artists.

It is an honor to be part of this amazing event. More photos and news coming up as we get closer to the event.