See you at Art Basel Miami 2015 by Sarvin Haghighi

  Art Basel stages the world's premier modern and contemporary art fairs.  It is staged annually in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. A driving force in supporting the role that galleries play in nurturing the careers of their artists, Art Basel frequently expands its platforms to include the newest developments in the visual arts.  Being able to visit Art Basel Miami has always been on top of my list and now It's with pleasure to announce that one of my pieces will be shown at Spectrum Miami during Art Basel 2015. Spectrum is a juried, contemporary art fair in the heart of Midtown Miami featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. It’s where contemporary meets extraordinary. My piece was chosen to be part of spectrum as part of a competition though Artavita online Magazine, which is part of the Worldwide Art Book company in Santa Barbara, CA. What better way to see Miami for the first time than being there doing Art Basel, see some amazing art pieces from all over the world, mingle with friends, connect with new ones. Mark your calendars and come look for my piece at Spectrum Miami tent, from 2-6 December 2015 located at 1700 NE 2nd ave, Miami - World Wide Art/Artavita, booth 520.

The title of this piece is a quote by Rumi "Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there" and it is 12x12 inches, mixed media on wood panel. Below is a brief statement on my art pieces.

"When I Found Love, I Became Immortal"-Rumi (13 CE)

In my pieces I merge traditional Iranian art forms with a contemporary sensibility. In combining Farsi calligraphy and Islamic architectural designs with mixed media (including resin and gold leaf) and bold lines and framing, I try to affirm the enduring aesthetic of a culture that is too often represented through the limited lenses of war and political turmoil. The meticulous composition of these works share the laconic beauty of Rumi's poetry, which ultimately works to create an emotionally resonant homage to tradition in the frenetic modern world.

Nostalgic memories of my beloved Iran remind me of who I am, and fortify my sense of cultural pride in a land that all too often depicts a most disconcerting and often polar-opposite reflection of my cherished motherland.



Whispering Walls revealed... by Sarvin Haghighi


This past Sunday - June 14th 2015 - we celebrated the new location of Evanston Art Center with some amazing art. The first show in the new location called "Hybrid's Paradise" curated by Sergio Gomez will be open to public for visit till August 9th 2015. I was honored to be selected as one of the artists for this amazing event so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about Whispering Walls.

Sarvin Haghighi

Whispering Walls 2015

Installation of mixed media including glass blocks, ink, paper, and oil paint.


Artist Statement

Building off the notion of walls, and how they serve to protect and safeguard, I conceived this installation as a way to represent the fused reality of my hybrid existence. The piece is meant to link together the equally rich, but often diametrically opposed cultures of the Eastern and Western worlds.

I choose glass blocks for the exterior of this piece, as they are commonplace here in Chicago – my new home since moving here from Dubai in 2012. They speak to the architectural significance and wonder of this great city. And they present a nice, polished façade – much like many of us try to do in daily life. Yet their transparency allows the viewer to get a suggestive glimpse at what lies beneath.

While the overall color palette speaks to American patriotism, and my new home - what’s imbedded between the exterior panels is what speaks to my core. As a child, my parents would read to me the poetry of Rumi, which to this day remains a large part of my soul. I like to think his words whisper through these foreign walls to the viewer – conveying a universal and timeless message.

Special thanks to:-

  • Sergio Gomez for having this piece on the exhibit and for the video
  • David Mugra for writing this amazing artist statement on this piece
  • Mohsen Kamza for adding music to the video
  • Song title - Elements by Lindsey Stirling


KK - New artist on my playlist, and on yours after reading this! by Sarvin Haghighi


Best part of living in a city like Chicago is that you can always expect a normal night to turn into an amazing experience. I got to know about KK King through a dear friend of mine. He asked me if I wanted to go and see her perform which of course I said yes. I was looking forward to listening to some good music and spend some quality time with my friend but I had no idea what to expect and I surely was blown away. It was refreshing to see something so different yet so amazing. The music was great and as well as the images on the screen behind the artist. The sound, the story and the images were all a great way of telling a story to which anyone could relate to in their own way. Kaki King, this amazing young artist has been also admired by Rolling Stone, in which she was included on a 2006 list of "New Guitar Gods" along with 19 others. King was ranked ninth, the only female on the list and also the youngest person on the same. At an early age, she was convinced that her music break would come from drumming, so she started playing in bands in high school. However once she graduated in Atlanta in 1998, she picked up the guitar again and revisited the finger-style techniques that intrigued her as a child.  As a long time ovation plater, she was invited to design her own custom guitar, the result being the Adams 1581-kk model.

Whatever mood you are in, don't miss her upcoming shows. It will surely blow your minds away as it did mine.

Click on below link to watch her Kickstarter campaign to get an idea...