Make my wall your canvas... / by sarvin

Graffiti Street art has always amazed me, maybe due to the fact that Graffiti artists are also trying to express their feelings - whether it's acceptable to talk about them or not - by displaying them for public. Their canvas is the walls of their cities, sky is their limit.

If you are familiar with Graffiti street art, you must have heard of Banksy. Make sure to watch Banksy's documentary "Exit through the gift shop" if you haven't already.
Of course there are so many amazing artists when it comes to my home country but one of my favourite Iranian Graffiti street artists are Icy & Sot. Two brothers from Tabriz - Iran have been displaying their art which is mostly about war, peace, hope, despair, society issues and human rights. I was amazed when I read an article on Brooklyn street art mentioning despite creating art works on the streets for years and years, neither of the brothers were able to attend their own exhibit in person outside of Iran until last year in New York. I await the day when all this amazing art can be appreciated as much inside Iran as it is outside.
Icy & Sot