Introducing "The Persepolis Project" by Sarvin Haghighi


The fiery destruction of Persepolis as a result of a drunken rage or a strategic geo-political move by Macedonian conquerors will be debated by his historians for ages. But the ages still whisper as you stand at the gates of this ancient city. Despite it’s torching in 330 BCE Once wandering it’s streets once still senses it’s unique place in Persian history as the the seat of government for the Achaemenian kings and a center for reception and ceremonial festivities. On first visit there I spent hours mesmerized by the carvings and the artistry of my ancestors. Those voices heard as faint echo’s from stone inspired the idea of creating the Perspolis Project.  I aim to amplify the whispers of those  amazing carvings - the Human-Headed Winged Lion, colossal bull head, Persian soldiers who are shown to be bringing tribute and gifts to the Persian king as a token of their loyalty - all are shown in these series mixed with a modern twist and using different media such as Farsi calligraphy, ink, paper, Acrylic, etc on wood panels. Dimensions vary. I invite you to view some of the art images HERE. The project is an ongoing project so stay tuned for some new images soon.


Art in Melbourne - Visit of The NGV by Sarvin Haghighi


My last visit to Australia was short and sweet. Although the main reason was to spend some quality time with family, I could not resist going to view some art in Melbourne with my mom. National Gallery of Victoria is located in Melbourne - mostly known as the NGC - is an art museum founded in 1861 and is considered the oldest public art museum in Australia. The museum operates across two sites right opposite of each other: NGV International which is locate don St Kilda road in the heart of the Melbounr Art Precinct of Southbank and The Ian Potter Center which is located nearby Federation Square. I personally enjoyed both locations but if this is your first time in Melbourne you need to spend some time in Federation Square itself. It's just surrounded by amazing architectural designs and nice cafes. Within all the artworks I saw at the NGV, the one that really caught our attention was the interesting work by a Brazilian Artist, Rivane Neuenschwander's Watchword dated back to 2012. It invites audiences to select different clothing labels that feathers words adapted from handmade protest banners and slogans found on the intervened and pin them into an abstracted map of the world. The artist intends that the choice of words and how they are re-formed and re-enter the world, will manifest the audience's values and hopes.

I just love it when the artists try to interact with their audience through their art. This is how artists can send a powerful message to the world and truly share their art and thoughts.

IMG_5447 IMG_5443

Bucket Feet Event at Soho House Chicago by Sarvin Haghighi


During Art week at Soho House Chicago, another fun event was held.  We were given a pair of white shoes to paint on! Thanks to Bucketfeet, A Chicago based Company which was launched in 2011 after two strangers met in Argentina - an artist and a backpacker -. A pair of hand-drawn shoes inspired the idea of the company and showed the power of art bringing people together. Soho house members were provided a pair of Bucketfeet shoes to design. Amazing music, great atmosphere, lots of creative people, that is just a recipe to create something fun. And this is the result! The shapes are all from Persian (Islamic) designs and the Farsi calligraphy is a Rumi poem which translates into "When I found love I became immortal". Art week at Soho House Chicago has been such a fun and amazing week with lots of different and fun activities which brings all art lovers together.