Frank Gehry's Guggenheim, shines in the heart of Bilbao... by sarvin

There are so many amazing cities to visit within Spain . As for me, I always wanted to go to Bilbao for one and only reason ; to visit Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum up close and once I was in front of it, I found it even more mesmerizing than the images we all have seen.  The amazing Canadian/American architect has created a masterpiece using titanium, limestone and glass and has designed the seemingly random curves of the exterior in a way to catch the light and react to the sun and the weather. In fact, the building is more easily read than it first appears, to the south, the dialogue is with the city, stones, rectangles windows alined, to the north there is empathy with water; fluid shapes. When volumes are separated figurative silhouettes appear and although the metallic form of the exterior looks almost floral from above, from the ground the building resembles a boat, evoking the past industrial life of the port of Bilbao. Make sure to visit this amazing building on different time of the day. My favorite is by far when the sun is setting. You will be able to see the magic of Frank Gehry with lights and the way he plays with them... Make sure to watch "Sketches of Frank Gehry" - An inspiring documentary by Sydney Pollack.