And the walls continue to whisper... by Sarvin Haghighi

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE - WHISPERING WALLS ShowPODs are a series of 7 exhibition spaces in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Conceptualized by John Podmajersky III and created by the Chicago Arts District, ShowPODs create an instant art experience in a non-traditional space and can viewed by anyone at anytime during the life of its installation.

Each year six artists are selected to showcase their art and I am honored to have been selected for the fall exhibit. My aim remains the same; to share part of Persian - Iranian - culture which the vast majority may not be familiar with, therefore The Whispering Walls continues to close the gap between cultures and also to break down the traditional barrier between the Artist and Art enthusiasts. The exhibit will come to life via seven storefronts along Halsted Street in Pilsen. It will be comprised of mixed media, including: paintings, installations, sculpture and will be very experiential.

The sketches were fully a completed few weeks back and we are now in the preparation phase. I am blessed to have an amazing artist helping me out.  She has been my role model and the one person who really got me interested in art; my lovely mom, Nasrin Moghadam. Together we are now creating the first elements of the exhibit and there is a long way to go. The first stages of this project is coming together in Michigan. I couldn't really ask for more, having my mom here, listening to amazing music, the sound of wind blowing through the greenest leaves you could imagine...this is a little pieces of heaven for sure.

More detailed information and instruction coming soon on what to expect and also on how to get involved as a viewer. For now, just look out for more on #WhisperingWalls...


Interview with VOA (Voice of America) - Sarvin Haghighi by Sarvin Haghighi


Earlier today I was interviewed by Behnood Mokri who needs no introduction to all my Iranian family and friends. But for those of you who don’t know him, he is an award winning TV journalist and producer who is currently hosting one of my favorite programs on VOA Persia which is a cultural program conducting the most interesting, engaging and in-depth interviews in arts and entertainment.

It was an honor to be invited for this interview to Washington DC and also to meet him in person. The conversation was fun, relaxed and entertaining.
Stay tuned – Will let you all know when it will air.

VOA Interview

My body lusts for soul and soul for me... by sarvin

Rumi sessions keep flowing through my soul and it's coming through different shapes and colors. It's created a new language of love. We hear his poetry and we delve into his world and listen for its echoes in our own. The world of Rumi is neither exclusively the world related to any particular religion; it is a state of an evolved human who is not bound by cultural limitations, a one who touches every one of us. As per the reflection of his poems, we see him as an impassionate seeker of the truth and love. It all began when Rumi met Shams, the impact of which left an everlasting impression on Rumi and his work. It's just another reminder to us that you would never know where your next inspiration may come from or who might actually aid furthering your growth. Few years later, when Shams disappeared, Rumi fell into a deep state of grief and gradually out of that pain outpoured thousands of poems which are collected in two epic books named "Divan-e-Shams-e-Tabrizi" and "Massnavi". In my new series of work, I have used some of these mesmerizing poems mixing them with Persian symbols and colors. Stay tuned for more images.