Islamic Designs

Bucket Feet Event at Soho House Chicago by Sarvin Haghighi


During Art week at Soho House Chicago, another fun event was held.  We were given a pair of white shoes to paint on! Thanks to Bucketfeet, A Chicago based Company which was launched in 2011 after two strangers met in Argentina - an artist and a backpacker -. A pair of hand-drawn shoes inspired the idea of the company and showed the power of art bringing people together. Soho house members were provided a pair of Bucketfeet shoes to design. Amazing music, great atmosphere, lots of creative people, that is just a recipe to create something fun. And this is the result! The shapes are all from Persian (Islamic) designs and the Farsi calligraphy is a Rumi poem which translates into "When I found love I became immortal". Art week at Soho House Chicago has been such a fun and amazing week with lots of different and fun activities which brings all art lovers together.


Interview with VOA (Voice of America) - Sarvin Haghighi by Sarvin Haghighi


Earlier today I was interviewed by Behnood Mokri who needs no introduction to all my Iranian family and friends. But for those of you who don’t know him, he is an award winning TV journalist and producer who is currently hosting one of my favorite programs on VOA Persia which is a cultural program conducting the most interesting, engaging and in-depth interviews in arts and entertainment.

It was an honor to be invited for this interview to Washington DC and also to meet him in person. The conversation was fun, relaxed and entertaining.
Stay tuned – Will let you all know when it will air.

VOA Interview